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Feb 13, 2010

Made it back home...

Jan 26, 2010

Met some fellow Wilmingtonians, Jay and Cokie Westfall. They are missionaries living in India. It was a great dinner at TGIFridays.

Jan 16, 2010

Today I tagged along with my Australian coworker and his family and we went to a place called Nandi Hills. It's a small mountain range a few hours away from Bangalore. We drove to the top of the mountain, had a traditional Indian lunch in a small restaurant overlooking the side of the mountain.

We looked around for a while and started down the trails that lead down the mountain. Well, about an hour later, we ended up at the bottom of the mountain, albeit on the wrong side, at the edge of a small village with no cell phone service to call the driver. We stopped for tea at a small shop in the village, and had a small following of children who have not seen many westerners. They all wanted to practice speaking English, so they would say "Hello, What is your name?" Well, when you answered them and asked what their name was, they kind of froze, I think they were mainly just nervous.

Anyway, after our cup of tea, we picked a direction and started walking, hopefully toward civilization. We finally arrived at a Hindu temple and by this time we had cell service. So, I asked the temple attendant to try to convey to our driver where exactly we were so he could come pick us up. Then we just sat down and watched the monkeys and dogs until he came. One of the monkeys almost got in the car with us, but ended up on top of the car. He finally jumped off after we got moving faster than he wanted to go. A couple hours later we made it back to Bangalore, it was a fun and interesting day.

Jan 14, 2010

Getting used to the 10.5 hour time difference, although I tend to wake up early in the morning. Took a picture of the pool from my hotel room. Hopefully I'll use it on the weekends as part pf my triathlon training. I'm doing the Azalea mini triathlon on March 13. I am pretty out of shape, but I'm hoping to get into a regular exercise routine here since I have nothing else to do every evening after work.

They do have live music nightly at the hotel, which is nice. The band is Gabyloo, a Romanian couple that sing all kinds of music, mostly covers of American music, with some other stuff thrown in.

Jan 12, 2010

Well, I finally arrived in India. I left Wilmington around 6pm, and arrived here at my hotel in India around 5am Tuesday morning. They asked if I wanted a wake up call. No thanks. Slept till around noon, then had something to eat and headed to the office.