Eating the Yard - Dollar Weed

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Eating the Yard - Dollar Weed

Postby greenshopper » Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:40 pm

Eating the Yard Inside and Out – Dollar Weed
By Martyn St.David

“Two leaves a day will keep old age away” – this is the claim of the ancient Sinhalese. ... ywort.html

If you frequent health food stores or read up on natural herbal remedies, you’ve probably come across Gotu Kola - noted for purifying the blood, as a good brain food, anti-inflammatory and arthritis deterrent. And you might be paying somewhere between $13.00 and $29.00 per month for the supplement.

Guess what. It’s probably growing on your property right here on Pelican Point Road. You might call it Dollar Weed or Pennywort and are considering spraying it with herbicides to rid it from your lawn.

The variety that grows here at 73 PP appears to be Hydrocotyle Benaris. Its leaf is about the size of a silver dollar and the stem attaches to the center of the very green shiny leaf. I pick five or six leaves from time to time and add it to my raw salads (I have plenty to share - want to forage here?). Pretty tasty, by the way.

You might also be seeing what looks like Dollar Weed in your drainage ditch, but the leaves are more spade shaped and the stem attaches at the cleft of the scalloped leaf. While in the same family it is only as safe to eat as the quality of the water in the ditch, so beware. Also, I wouldn’t recommend harvesting from your lawn either if you use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides.

• Eat it ... re=related ... ywort.html

• Kill it with table sugar ... ollarweed- killer-1.htm
• Mow frequently and don’t overwater

• Over watering (often found around sprinkler heads).
• Poor drainage. It loves wet areas
• Poor soil
• Over-fertilization of your lawn - Using too much nitrogen on your lawn!


• High in antioxidants
• Cardiovascular benefits
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